Our Performance Guarantees

  • An initial contact will normally be made within two working days to the family for a pre-school child or within five working days, of receiving the referral from the school, to the school for a school aged pupil.  

  • We will submit a formal written report within eight working weeks following receipt of a new referral which meets the SCS referral criteria.  

  • All teaching programmes will be supported by Service Level Agreements formally agreed with each school in the case of a school aged child, and by a Programme Planner agreed with each family in the case of a pre-schooler.  

  • All Formal Assessment referrals will be completed within the statutory time limits specified within the Code of Practice. 
  •  We will provide a written report on all caseload pupils at least annually.
  • Evaluate our service annually using staff and user surveys, pupil outcomes, and an analysis of our praise/complaints log.