Support from our Educational Audiologist

The Sensory Consortium Service Educational Audiologist works jointly with the Audiology Departments of both the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading and King Edward VII Hospital in Windsor to ensure that both the medical and educational aspects of each child's hearing loss and audiological needs are met in a streamlined fashion.

The Educational Audiologist works jointly with the Clinical Audiologists at all Under 5 clinics during term time. The Educational Audiologist ensures that a two way exchange of information between Health and Education takes place.

The joint clinic sessions will offer the opportunity to:

  • Monitor your child's hearing
  • Discuss your child's progress
  • Listen to your observations and questions
  • Measure the effectiveness of your child's hearing aids, if fitted
  • Help you manage the hearing aids
  • Make specially moulded ear pieces for your child's hearing aids
  • Ensure that any links to educational equipment, e.g. radio aids are enabled
  • Ensure that information from the audiology clinic is passed back to the visiting teachers
  • Ensure that information from the SCS concerning your child's progress is passed on to Audiology

The Educational Audiologist also advises and supports the teaching staff on loaning, setting up and maintaining the radio aid equipment, and improving acoustic conditions in schools.