Letter from SEBDCS

We are writing to you about the future of SEBDCS!

You may have noticed a lack of ​activity/ communication from us recently, as we have struggled with getting enough volunteers to helpout on the committee, and without volunteers we won't be able to continue.​ Please note that we are all volunteers, with families, work and other commitments, but we fit these responsibilities in for the benefit of our children.​

We have a couple of options:

  • We get some new volunteers to help out (thanks to those who have volunteered to help recently). We meet every couple of months to plan our activities and we divide up the activities between us to share the workload.Often we will take just one event each per year for example.

  • We shut the group.

Assuming we can get some more volunteers, we would also like some feedback about what you would like from this group, so please update your details here and tell us what you would like from your local group. Please forward this to anyone else you think would be interested to hear from us, reaching all families of deaf children in the area.

If we don't hear from you we will remove your contact details from our mailing list so please do respond.

SEBDCS committee.