MSI Equipment for Children

Pupils have access to any of the equipment detailed for visually impaired and hearing impaired children as appropriate.

It is important that children with MSI receive help as early as possible and are supported to develop their early play and sensory skills. Many MSI children will need support to investigate their environment. They may not realise there are objects ‘out there’ waiting to be discovered and played with, and so we need to bring the world closer to them. We try to create sensory environments which will maximise the use of a child’s residual hearing and vision. We are always looking for opportunities to develop communication skills and tactile play skills.

The Be Active Box provides a safe and secure environment to enable the MSI child to play and explore independently. It encourages movement and enables the child to listen to sounds that he might make when moving about. Interesting items that make a noise, contrasting textures and colours that are also interesting to explore are suspended in the box.

Resonance Boards encourage children to play and explore sounds. Through their usage we can develop turn taking skills.

Survival Blankets make sounds and reflect light.