Amy and Lucy, hearing impaired sisters, were under the care of Berkshire Sensory Consortium from initial diagnosis until they left school. This email from mum was delightful to receive and we are happy we were able to provide much needed support.

We were absolutely thrilled with her results and they showed she put a lot of effort in (even if it didn't always look it) Amy was relieved that she passed maths and didn't need to retake it.  You're right her English scores were amazing, and we commented about how far she'd come, and we remembered the story bags!  Lucy's memory  of Amy and books is Amy throwing the entire range of Mr Men and Little Miss Books one by one across the room at her when we moved to the bungalow and they had to share a room, can still hear her voice 'ohh Amy!' ha ha!!

Amy seems to be loving life at sixth form but we have a first review in October so I'll know more then. We really want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts, you came into our lives at a time that we didn't know what to do or how to function.  Your calm nature and straight thinking saved us, I soon realised I was no help if I played the oh my poor children have a disability card.  I had to pull on my big girl pants and say so what my children have a disability they will do amazing despite that, and they have and will continue to do I'm sure.

Lucy decided on the world of work as opposed to University which is fine with us, her new purchase (a mini) after saving up is called Margarita Marge for short :D