Following my experience of paragliding in the summer holidays of 2016, I was invited by thedirector of the 9th FAI World Paragliding Accuracy Championships to join the Albanian paragliding team in the opening ceremony of the World Championships, being held in Albania. My parents are from Albania and I visit frequently during the holidays to visit family. I was chosen to attend the opening ceremony as they were very impressed and inspired by my courage, motivation and determination as no other blind person had ever been paragliding in Albania before. 

In Albania, blind people do not really have any opportunities, for example, there is only one school, which is more like an institution, and they have hardly any resources, which makes me feel very fortunate to have everything that I have. 

As part of the ceremony I went on stage with the Albanian paragliding team and sang the national anthem, whilst holding the Albanian flag; I was gifted an FAI top too. I was also presented with the honour of meeting the famous Danish/American/Albanian actress, Eliza Dushku, who starred in Vampire Girl. 

The event was broadcast on many TV programmes which was very exciting. I was alsoinvited to attend several TV interviews of my experience and to share my story but I had to come back to school as I am studying very hard for my A-levels at the same time as participating in these events. It was phenomenal and I have been invited to participate in the closing event on Saturday, 13 May, when I will paraglide once again.

Reproduced with kind permission from Windsor Girls' School.