Vision Impairment

In the U.K. about 2 children between 1 and 4 per thousand may have an educationally significant visual difficulty. Some 38% of the sensory impaired population will have multiple needs arising from one or more sensory loss and/or other difficulties. The incidence of hearing and visual loss is low, diverse and uneven.

The impact of a significant sensory loss upon the child and family can be substantial. The importance of early detection and management will help to reduce the impact of the condition on the child's overall development. The success of many children in a wide range of educational establishments is testimony to the potential which can be realised.


Vision Impaired Pre-School groups

We run a pre-school group for children with a vision impairment in Wokingham called 'Busy Bees'. We meet monthly at Building for the Future, Wokingham from 10am - 12pm. At the end of the play and craft sessions we sing songs and we have some group games so that the children can begin to play with each other and can get to know each other's names.

Further information about these groups can be obtained from either your own VI teacher or from Paula Scott on 07887 531696.  Sessions are relaxed and friendly. Any child with a vision impairment is welcome to attend, and this includes children with a mild visual impairment, children who are severe sight impaired and children who have complex difficulties. Often siblings will also come along and join in the activities.  Please click for more details: Busy Bees Pre-School Group

For families in the East of Berkshire, pre-school visually impaired pupils are invited to attend the Sensory Consortium Service 'Chatty Monkeys' Pre-School Group. This is held on alternate Tuesdays at Chalvey Grove Children's Centre, Slough from 12.45pm to 2.45pm: Chatty Monkeys East

Vision Impairment Parent Pack

This document has been designed by the Sensory Consortium Service to provide additional information to that already available from the Early Support Family Pack. It is particularly relevant for families with a new diagnosis at pre-school age.

Vision Impairment Parent Information Pack