Pre-school Groups

Our pre-school groups are a great way to meet specialists, families and other children with sensory impairments. 

Busy Bees is for children with a vision impairment and Chatty Monkeys is for our hearing impaired children. Please click below for more information.  You can also get further details from your teacher.

Chatty Monkeys

Busy Bees


We have a new theme this term at Chatty Monkeys East. We are having lots of fun with the Three Billy Goats story. The children are learning the story through play songs and listening games with help from mums and teachers.



Here are some photos from a busy day at Chatty Monkeys East. We explored  toys with wheels.  We had fun listening to shakers and made our own snowy shakers for our story book about a baby polar bear. “The Polar Bear and the Snowcloud".  Not least the children enjoyed singing songs from the Song Box.